"Lights of Home"

Released in early 1998, this was the Gurley's first recording as a duo. The response to this music has been amazing. They still have people telling them that it rarely leaves their CD changer. The songs range from the thoughtful and poignant "Dancing with You In My Heart" to the comical "Brother Got The Brains", both original tunes. Interspersed are a few instrumental pieces drawing from Celtic and old-time traditions. Helping out are old friends Claire Valine, Gray Granger, and Stephen Bennett. Mike Flynn of the syndicated radio program "The Folk Sampler" rates it highly and calls it "a nice collection of what folk music can do so well".

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Deep Water - Sample mp3   Sample mov
Dancing With You In My Heart - Sample mp3
Sandy River Belle/New Camptown Races - Sample mp3
Erin's Green Shore
Cooley's Reel
When My Morning Comes Around
Jesus keep Me Near the Cross
Working On A Building
Brother Got The Brains
Lights Of Home - Sample mp3
Child's Song
Hanged Man's Reel - Sample mp3
Picture of CD

Picture of CD
"October Winds"
Review of "October Winds" by Daily Press music critic Sam McDonald, Friday, May 24, 2002.

The most recent release (2002) takes it's name from one of the original compositions included here. Working with studio wiz Rob Ulsh, Bill and Pam are joined by an amazing group of friends to produce a very nice follow-up to "Lights of Home". Lending their talents to this project are bassist Jimmy Masters, guitarist Stephen Bennett, Jim Bennett on piano, Steve Smith and Tom Espinola on mandolins, and an appearance by Bruce Hornsby on his accordion. An awesome group of talented players by any measure! The tunes include several originals as well as the Gurley's unique mix of folk, blues, and bluegrass. Pam's voice never sounded better and Bill gets a real workout on guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin.


Lord Franklin - Sample mp3
Shady Grove - Sample mp3
Shall We Gather At The River/Sweet By " By
October Winds - Sample mp3
Playing Through The Night
Temperance Reel
Face Of Appalachia
The Good Luck Road - Sample mp3
When You're Smiling
Fiddler's Heaven - Sample mp3
Fiddler's HeavenWhole tune - 2MB - Since this song was dedicated to the memory of John Hartford, the whole tune is being offered to fans in honor of the anniversary of John Hartford's death.

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All of the Gurley recordings may be ordered by mail directly from the artists.

CD's are $15.00 each plus $2.00 each for shipping.

Please send orders to: Bill and Pam Gurley
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For more information:804-761-6356

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