The Gurleys
Something happens when a family sings together -something deep and indescribable. It is a connection that comes, not only from common physical roots, but also from experiencing life together. On this, our first Gurley family recording, we offer a glimpse into what we have known for a long time - we share something that is unique and lasting - something that we will pass on in our family, and now to you.


Love is on Our Side sample
Wild Bill Jones sample
Leaving Train sample
Folding Down the Sheets sample
Firehouse Chili
Shake Sugaree
So Are You to Me sample
Sowin' on the Mountain
Whiskey Before Breakfast/Drunken Fiddler
Crawdad Song
Ballad of Easy Rider
A Song for Dad sample


Popular area musicians Bill and Pam Gurley, along with their daughter Macon, have released a new CD. "The Gurleys" is a much- anticipated followup to their previous recordings "Lights of Home" and "October Winds" and the first as a family trio. It features a blend of lush harmonies and hot picking that is sure to please old friends and new listeners alike.

Bill and Pam are no strangers to music fans in Virginia. They have performed together in concerts and festivals for many years and have a loyal following. Pam is known for her lovely singing voice and Bill for his multi-instrumental talents and song writing. Having grown up in Newport News, they have made their home in the Northern Neck for sixteen years, living in the old family farmhouse.

Macon grew up in a household filled with music. There were always rehearsals and jam sessions, visits by notable musicians touring through the area, and music lessons going on in the living room. She often attended large outdoor festivals and became a part of a large community of musicians and music lovers. Years later, living in New York City, that music became a link to home as she began playing the guitar and singing. When she returned to Virginia she started performing with her parents and the idea of a family recording was born. Macon used her talents in the recording studio and also designed a beautiful package for the new CD.

Bill provides most of the instrumental tracks on the album playing guitars, fiddle, mandolin and banjo. Jazz bassist Jimmy Masters is heard on most of the songs. He has performed extensively with the Gurleys in live settings. Guitar whiz Stephen Bennett makes an appearance on a swing tune. Bluesman Tray Eppes adds some guitar and harmonica on one of Bill's original numbers. Old friend Gene Elders, long time fiddler for George Strait and Lyle Lovett, plays his distinctive five-string violin on several songs as well. Rob Ulsh at Mastersound recorded the project. Rob has worked with artists as diverse as Glen Campbell and Justin Timberlake.

The Gurleys stay busy with other pursuits as well. Bill is in demand as a private teacher and solo artist. Macon has her own jewelry and graphic design business, Ironweed Studio in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Macon, Pam and Bill

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All of the Gurleys' recording may be ordered by mail directly from the artists.

CD's are $15.00 each plus $2.00 each for shipping.

Please send orders to: Bill and Pam Gurley
1501 Crawfords Corner Rd.
Lancaster, VA 22503

For more information:804-761-6356

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